Mission Beach, San Diego

We took a walk along Mission Beach here in San Diego yesterday.  The weather was cool, nice for walking.  This is a great place to photograph people as they walk.  It's not Venice Beach but it has it's moments.  We saw a few people in the water even though the air temperature was in the low 60's, probably those folks were here on vacation from Minnessota.  The water temperature is in the mid 60's so not really cold for this time of year but chilly enough.

I shot a roll of Delta 100 in my Leica M2, developed later in Ilfosol 3 for 5 minutes with a swirl agitation for the first minute and two gentle agitations every minute.  Scans were on my Epson V850.

no photographer or roller blader was hurt during the creation of this image

20151127 | Leica M2 | Ilford Delta 100 10.jpg

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