First Experiment with Kodak T-Max and HC-110 Developer

Some first attempts with Kodak T-Max 400.  I shot four rolls of about 25 frames last night at Cruising Grand.  We got there a bit later in the evening so it got dark after about an hour.  I continued to shoot at iso 400, box speed and gradually opened up to f/1.5 on the Voigtlander Nokton attached to my Leica M6.  So it gets a bit challenging for focus wide open especially moving around like I do and shooting for opportunity.  There are very few shots here that were taken with a lot of patience.

I also tried developing in HC-110 and Kodak Fix for the first time.  I had to work out the formulas for mixing the developer and tried HC(E) at a 1:47 mix for 9:30 minutes.  I have a 5 roll Patterson tank so mixed 1500ml of chemicals to develop all the rolls together at once.  It saves some time but I'm not as comfortable processing five rolls at a time.  I prefer the two roll Patterson tank with smaller amounts of chemicals.  

But I'm reasonably happy with the results with the T-Max processed in HC-110.   I do have some artifacts on some of my negatives.  I think that's because I used the five reel tank. Next time I'll use my smaller developing tank and only do two reels at a time.

Click on any image for a lightbox view.  Let me know what you think of these.